Video Editing
Voice Acting

Bringing your vision to life

  • Video Editing
  • Voice over and narration
  • Tansitions, animations, and final production
  • Script writing assistance
  • Sound leveling
  • Color correction
  • Sound effects and music creation
  • Video production from your videos, slides, and photos, or stock footage
Ramon West Reel Video Link
Ramon West Video Reel

Covering all aspects of video editing, DesignsW works with you to edit raw footage, create transitions, animations, sound, music, titles, and voice narration. We can also assist in creating a video script or help edit your existing script to achieve maximum impact.

Christine West Voice Over Reel

After living a few lifetimes in other creative fields, Christine West returns to her passion for acting and performing. Her voice has been described as upbeat with a smile. As a trained actor, her voice is very versatile and is calm and professional, friendly and assuring. She has narrated informational videos, recorded interactive voice responses and voiced a variety of animated characters for film.

Need help with your video, animation, or require voice over acting?
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Walking New Mexico Video Series

We love life in New Mexico, so we decided to create a video series about our explorations here. There are many natural wonders as well as beautiful cities and towns to discover. New Mexico is rich in its beauty, diversity, complexity of landforms, wildlife, and the cultures of its people. This video series is a growing collection and new episodes will be posted as we create them.

In the meantime, when you get the chance, make sure you are walking New Mexico!

Walking New Mexico - Travertine Falls Video Link
Walking New Mexico - Travertine Falls

Walking New Mexico - Manzano Open Space Video Link
Walking New Mexico - Manzano Open Space