Arizona Collage Collective

During the pandemic, collage exploded over social media – especially Instagram. Materials can easily be found around the house. The medium, often peppered with pop-culture and recognizable imagery, is a great way to express creatively the emotions of the moment, especially when working from home or isolated in quarantine. Collage artists from around the world found one another via accounts like @kolajmagazine and their annual celebration of World Collage Day (WCD). Other groups like @februllage offered daily challenges for artists to collectively create around a single word prompt and post to the platform. In honor of WCD 2021 the @arizonacollagecollective, offered to mail out an envelope of scraps and images to anyone who responded to the call before all the packets were distributed. Each work had to include at least 3 elements from the packet. Artists were then to post their works on Instagram with specific tags. For 2 months leading up to WCC, the collective would feature several artists each day who participated. The Collective featured Christine West on May 3, 2021, five days before WCD.

Arizona Collage Collective Joe Penner Image
Big Bend Arizona Collage Collective Image
Yellow Arizona Collage Collective Image
Arizona Collage Collective Image
ACC Feactured Artist Image